What is changed in F1 24 with the 1.3 Patch?

What is changed in F1 24 with the 1.3 Patch?

Hey Top Driver, welcome to this post where we explore what is changed in F1 24 with the 1.3 patch.

We're going to discuss the new features introduced by this patch in a general sense.

What is changed in F1 24 with the 1.3 Patch?

Check out our Facebook post where we dive deeper into the changes brought by Patch 1.3 in F1 24.

Here, we'll focus specifically on the updates to the game's physics.

The tyre model has been reworked.

Now, the tyres respond differently when subjected to high slip angles.

Regarding temperatures, the behavior of the tyres at high temperatures has also been modified.

The suspension kinematics have been further altered, and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the game since its launch.

As soon as the patch was released, we hit the track to test and see if the previous issues were resolved and how the driving model has changed.

Soon, you'll see practical examples accompanied by graphs and telemetry data that illustrate in detail what is changed in F1 24 with Patch 1.3.

Before the patch release, reviews were full of negativity and criticisms, which haven't completely subsided yet.

The internet, being a huge echo chamber, amplifies both positive and negative feedback.

There has been a lot of talk, often misplaced, about the physics of the new EA-Codemasters title.

Although it was clear that developers needed to correct some major errors, these should never have seen the light of day one launch.

Here, we'll analyze in detail the major criticisms that had many users up in arms, trying to understand if the new path taken by the developers is the right one and what we can expect for the future of F1 24.

Before we start the tests, let's see together what is changed in F1 24 with Patch 1.3.

Aware of the negative feedback regarding the excessive grip the car displayed in every situation, the team led by Casey Ringle, senior game designer and lead vehicle handling, revisited the management of downforce by the tyres.

In this exclusive graph created by us at ADT, using real data from the physics engine, we can see how the lateral load in corners has been significantly reduced after the patch.

What is changed in F1 24 with the 1.3 Patch?

This has had important effects on the tyre's ability to manage the necessary grip.

You will immediately notice the impossibility of performing some unrealistic maneuvers that were possible at the day one launch.

In the graph, we also included data from F1 23, the last effort of David Greco as lead vehicle handling.

Although the values are lower, in F1 24, thanks to the new suspension kinematics, we have more load transfer during dynamic phases, and the car's center of gravity is higher compared to F1 23.

In terms of longitudinal grip, in acceleration and braking, the developers haven't made changes compared to the day one physics.

What is changed in F1 24 with the 1.3 Patch?

Let's Move to Our Tests

Starting with the biggest issue: the incredible grip that the tyres provided even with excessive steering angles.

At the hairpin of the Monaco circuit, it was possible to drift rally-style without ever using the brakes.

Let's see how it was possible to take these corners on day one, after the patch, and how it's possible to tackle them with the new physics.

Monaco - Loews - Pre-Patch

What is changed in F1 24 with the 1.3 Patch?

Monaco - Loews - Post-Patch

Telemetry: Monaco - Loews

What is changed in F1 24 with the 1.3 Patch?

Thanks to telemetry, we can appreciate the significant differences between the two versions.

Data from day one shows it was possible to carry much more steering angle and speed without ever braking.

With the patch, now you need to pay much more attention, balance the use of the brake and steering angle, losing up to 8 tenths compared to day one.

Silverstone - Maggots-Becketts-Chapel - Pre-Patch

Let's move to Silverstone to tackle the dreadful T2 trinity: Maggots, Becketts, and Chapel.

What is changed in F1 24 with the 1.3 Patch?

Silverstone - Maggots-Becketts-Chapel - Post-Patch

Telemetry: Silverstone - Maggots-Becketts-Chapel

Telemetry data shows that on day one, it was possible to carry a lot of speed without ever lifting.

With the patch, this section now requires more attention and a significant lift to navigate it smoothly.

Spa - Pouhon - Pre-Patch

The same goes for Pouhon.

Spa - Pouhon - Post-Patch

Telemetry: Spa - Pouhon

cosa è cambiato su F1 24 con la patch V1.3

Bahrain - Turn 5-6-7 - Pre-Patch

To conclude this analysis on what's changed in F1 24 with Patch V1.3, we move to the Sakhir track.

Bahrain - Turn 5-6-7 - Post-Patch

Telemetry Bahrain - Turn 5-6-7

cosa è cambiato su F1 24 con la patch V1.3

The challenging S in T2 was particularly difficult, but on day one it was possible to tackle it flat out.

Now, you need to carefully manage the throttle to achieve a better trajectory.

Speeds are clearly lower, around 35-45 km/h, and the revision of the cornering load peaks has hit the mark.

What is changed in F1 24 with the 1.3 Patch?

What is Changed in F1 24 with 1.3 Patch

Our tests confirm that the developers have taken responsibility, showing a willingness to make amends and listen to users, decisively tweaking the F1 24 physics engine in rapid time.

The direction taken by Codemasters seems to be the right one, but more can be done to fix some inaccuracies.

Some borderline behaviors of the car, such as front axle lock-up leading to rear loss, still leave doubts.

However, with some targeted setup parameter adjustments, we can solve most of the issues encountered.

The extensive work on setups by our team of coaches is already yielding excellent results, and those who have purchased our Setup Pack will be able to experience its benefits in the coming weeks.

In conclusion, this being the first patch and considering that more will follow, we can look to the future of F1 24 with optimism.

Another exciting season awaits us, always keeping our foot on the gas.

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See you soon and when in the doubt, flat out!