Jeddah Track Guide in F1 24

Jeddah Track Guide in F1 24

Welcome to a new blog post where we dive into Jeddah Track Guide in F1 24.

Today, we begin with the Track Guides for the 25 tracks featured in F1 24.

These tutorials are created by Esports Driver and Coach ADT Daniele Haddad, in collaboration with Kevin Salerno.

This is a hot-lap analysis designed to give you a better understanding of a specific circuit: braking points, apexes, reference markers, where and how much to accelerate...

This way, you'll have a clearer idea of how to tackle a track on F1 24.

For the first installment of this series, we’re exploring a street circuit that has generated a lot of buzz, the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.

Before we begin the Jeddah Circuit Guide on F1 24, here are a few historical notes.

Jeddah Track Guide in F1 24

Inaugurated in 2021 after just eight months of construction, the semi-permanent street circuit that hosts the Saudi Arabian F1 Grand Prix is unique, with a shape reminiscent of a knife.

This circuit stands out for its high average lap speed, stretching 6.174 kilometers and featuring 27 turns, the highest number of any circuit on the F1 calendar.

Recently, in addition to hosting the top open-wheel category, the circuit has welcomed the now-defunct World Touring Car Championship and will host the final race of the GT World Challenge Europe endurance event in 2024.

Now, let’s start with the Jeddah Circuit Guide on F1 24.

Turn 1-2-3:

Jeddah Track Guide in F1 24

We head towards the first corner, braking around 100 meters out.

Drop down to third gear, carrying a lot of speed to tackle the first left-hand apex and the second, maintaining high exit speed.

Jeddah Track Guide in F1 24

Hit the throttle immediately, shifting up to sixth gear.

Jeddah Track Guide in F1 24

Turn 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12: Esses

Drop to fourth or fifth gear for the Esses.

Jeddah Track Guide in F1 24

This year, the Esses are taken at full speed, with a maximum of a slight lift off the throttle.

It’s crucial to maintain good lateral load transfer and optimal vehicle balance throughout this section.

Jeddah Track Guide in F1 24

Turn 13:

We conclude the first sector with a fast corner, taken in fourth gear.

Get back on the throttle early, paying attention to the steering angle to avoid losing the rear end on exit.

Jeddah Track Guide in F1 24

Turn 15-16-17:

Continue in seventh gear, tackling another tricky corner in sixth.

Accelerate early in this right-left sequence, launching onto a long straight where we open the DRS again.

In the race, this straight offers a great opportunity to close in on the car ahead, reaching nearly 327-328 km/h.

Jeddah Track Guide in F1 24

Turn 22-23-24:

Navigate a delicate left-right corner in sixth gear.

Turn 27:

We arrive at a corner that sets up for overtaking, located on the main straight.

Brake around 100 meters out, dropping down to third gear.

Personally, we shift up to fourth to simplify traction.

With the DRS open, we find ourselves on the main straight, finishing the lap in 1:25.879.

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See you soon and when in the doubt, flat out!