How to Master Braking in F1 game

How to Master Braking in F1 game

How to Master Braking in F1 game

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Welcome to a new article by Daniele Haddad, Esports Driver and ADT Coach.

Today, we'll dive into how to improve your braking in F1 23.

This is a key skill for any driver, whether virtual or real.

Your corner entries and exits are a direct result of your braking points.

A poor braking technique can make you overshoot the corner.

You'll miss the apex, find yourself in a poor position for traction, and lose precious tenths (at best).

So, mastering the art of braking is essential to achieve the results you want in F1.

Let's get right into it.

How to Master Braking in F1 game

We'll show you how to optimize your braking in a very practical way, using video analysis.

Video analysis is a tool we offer at ADT, allowing us to compare a lap from Daniele with a lap from a driver who sends us their lap.

We aim to analyze all the key elements that are crucial for optimizing a lap to 100%.

Today, we'll focus on braking technique, highlighting common mistakes and how to avoid them.

On the left side of the screen, you see Daniele Haddad's lap.

On the right, we have Marco, the driver we've selected.

Let's take Turn 14 at Singapore, Connaught, as our reference.

Braking is a crucial component.

It consists of two parts:

  1. Decelerating the car with the steering wheel straight and the brake pedal pressed 100%.
  2. Entering the corner with progressive brake release and increasing steering angle, known as trail-braking.

This is all to rotate quickly through the corner and be smooth on the throttle afterward.

However, many drivers face various braking issues:

  • Some don't use 100% brake initially, decelerating slowly and holding the pedal too long;
  • Some constantly lock up the brakes;
  • Some brake hard at first but don't trail-brake into the corner, abruptly lifting off the pedal.

Marco's issue was the first point we mentioned, leading to a lock-up in the middle of the corner.

How to Master Braking in F1 game

Marco brakes at the 100-meter board.

He briefly touches 100% brake, but starts to release it with the wheel straight.


This leads to a lock-up in the corner.

He stays at 50% brake before suddenly releasing it.

His minimum speed is 88 km/h.

He needs to be more efficient.

Daniele brakes straight, decelerates significantly, and is quicker to release the brake, using every centimeter of the track.

His minimum speed is 99 km/h, 11 more than Marco.

Quick release at the start of braking, then gradually managing it to the apex.

The final result: Daniele can go full-throttle earlier than Marco, carrying more speed out of the corner.

The goal of braking isn't just to decelerate the car but to rotate it as quickly as possible to be efficient on the throttle and carry maximum speed out of the corner.

This is something we emphasize with our drivers.

In any case, these are fixable issues.

The important thing is to learn how to use the brake effectively, as it's the foundation for great traction out of corners.

In F1, exit speed is far more important than entry speed.

It's not right to think that braking at the last possible meter is the way to nail the perfect entry.

The reality is, sometimes braking a bit earlier and managing the pedal is more advantageous.

This allows you to gain much more on the delta, as you'll carry more speed out of the corner.

It's not easy; it takes work.

It's a fundamental element to start being fast and consistent in F1 23.

If you're truly committed to improving in F1 and achieving your goals, we at ADT Esports Academy can help you do it.

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