How to Improve Steering Angle Usage in F1 24

How to Improve Steering Angle Usage in F1 24

In this post by Alberto Di Teresa and Massimo Zecchinelli, you'll discover how to improve steering angle usage in F1 24.

It might seem like a simple topic, but it's actually quite comprehensive.

So, get comfortable and let's dive into the analysis.

how to improve steering angle usage in F1 24.

Why Excessive Steering Angle is a Problem

An excessive steering angle is a significant issue for various reasons:

  • It increases front tire slip, slowing down the driving experience.
  • It transforms understeer into oversteer, worsening tire wear and damaging the car's balance.

Excessive steering angle is a serious problem, but you're not alone in facing it.

Even experienced drivers, just one second behind their eSports colleagues, can encounter this issue.

It's an instinctive behavior.

how to improve steering angle usage in F1 24.

The Use of the Steering Wheel in Everyday Life

In everyday driving, we're used to turning the steering wheel more than necessary to tackle tighter corners and precise maneuvers.

However, in racing cars, the steering angle is quite different.

Racing cars don't have a 1080° steering angle like road cars.

The steering wheel setup is crucial, and we'll get to that shortly.

Keep reading to discover how to improve your steering angle usage in F1 24.

How to Fix the Excessive Steering Angle Issue in F1 24

The solution requires a lot of practice.

It's both a physical and mental automatic response.

When you understeer, you tend to turn the wheel more, but this is counterproductive.

You need to train yourself to use the throttle to rotate the rear of the car, making the wheel realignment almost automatic.

It's a difficult and counterintuitive process because in daily life, we don't give gas to make the car slide through corners.

It's also important to talk to yourself while driving. 

When you reach the apex, stop turning and make the opposite movement.

This isn't solved in just two corners or one hour of practice.

If you're one of those who enter with too much steering angle, it might also be a matter of the wrong trajectory.

You anticipate the turn too much, requiring a greater steering angle through the corner.

how to improve steering angle usage in F1 24.

Another crucial aspect is verifying the steering wheel settings. 

Often, with newcomers in ADT, the first thing a coach does is check these settings.

They might not make a huge difference, but if you're driving with FFB at 150, track/curb effects at 100, clearly something needs to be adjusted.

The same applies to the steering angle.

For example, if you reach 360°, try reducing it by 50°.

This will make the problem more evident and force you to steer less, helping you create the right automatic response

how to improve steering angle usage in F1 24.

In Summary, How to Improve Steering Angle Usage in F1 24:

  • Practice a lot
  • Improve throttle usage through corners
  • Draw correct trajectories
  • Properly set up your peripheral

With time and practice, you'll see significant improvements in your driving.

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