Three Qualities of Lewis Hamilton You Need to Develop in F1 23

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Today, we want to share with you three lessons we can learn from Hammertime that you must apply in F1 23 to become a stronger virtual driver. 

Before we dive into these, let's start with a necessary premise in today’s context...

Make no mistake, it is reckless to consider a seven-time world champion as just an average driver.

Someone who just got lucky driving for Mercedes.

Indeed, the Silver Arrow was instrumental in Hamilton's victories (find us a driver who won the championship with a subpar car)...

… but we must acknowledge that Lewis is a phenomenal racer.

And now we will explain why.

Let's delve into the three greatest qualities of the British driver and how you can learn valuable lessons to apply in F1 23.

1. Trail-Braking Master

Hamilton is known for his overall clean and straightforward driving style.

But his greatest quality is his braking management.

In this phase of the corner, he has no rivals.

He manages to brake later than others without sacrificing entry and exit speed.


The seven-time world champion is a master of Trail-Braking.

In simple terms, this braking technique involves braking and steering into the corner simultaneously.

Performing Trail-Braking with ABS disabled requires a lot of sensitivity, as there's a risk of locking the wheels.

(by the way, we suggest you disable all assists if you want to start getting faster in F1).

Our advice is to brake heavily with the wheels straight, then gradually release the brakes as you're steering into the corner.

2. Rain Master

No kidding.

When the track gets wet, Hamilton really shines.

His driving sensitivity is extraordinary and allows him to feel the car's limit even under extreme conditions.

Do not underestimate driving in the wet on F1 23.

By learning to drive in Full-Wet conditions, you'll develop an incredible sensitivity that will also help you on dry tracks.

If you don't take our word for it...

Try doing 20 laps on dry, then another 10 but on a wet track.

Then, switch back to dry conditions and you'll notice the differences in terms of perceived grip, sensitivity, and confidence.

Remember: in the wet, you need to be GENTLE, smooth in your movements, and patient.

3. Winning Mentality

We challenge anyone to bounce back from what happened in Abu Dhabi in 2021.

The eighth world title, which would have crowned him as the most titled driver in F1 history, vanished on the last lap...

After a race he dominated...

After an incredible end to the season.

What did good old Lewis do?

Did he retire?


He picked up the pieces and returned to racing with the spirit of a twenty-year-old.

The secret?

A winning mentality, the kind they could use in Maranello like they need air.

So, start building your mentality today.

Exercise: replace "I can't do it" with "I can do it".

Replace "It's going to be a disaster at turn 1" with "I'll steer clear of trouble and have a great race!".

Make a switch in your way of thinking, and we assure you that everything will be downhill from there.


  1. Learn to master trail-braking;
  2. Do a lot of practice on wet surface;
  3. Build a positive and winning mentality.

In all of these points, we at ADT Esports Academy can help you.

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